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01-05-2016, 07:47 AM
I am in UK,
I am selling my well looked after controller for SAC, consisting of 8 fader controllers and encoders, touch screen, trackball, reliable usb hub and headphone amp.
let me know if you are interested


in the back there is only Powercon input and output Neutrik with cable UK main. ( but with some little modification it can be EU or US with headphone amp power changed and terminations. to 110v )
2 x XLRs for headphone amp,
USB B neutrik
and VGA.
there is also space for midi i/o with no terminations.
thank you

it comes well packed with:
- the Behrckie Code for pc and instruction. it is simple.
- a Full controller dedicated to SAC and SAW only. featuring:
1x Custom handmade aluminium, plywood and oak chassis. solid!
1x BCF 2000 Behringer ready for Behrckie ( but you can re-initialize and use it with Sac and SAW mackie GUI with only Mutes/solos/pan/faders)
1x Monitor Touch Screen ELO 1939L 19” 5x4
1x Trust Port 2.0 USB HUB IOX ( good quality )
1x ECCO Kensington Optical ORBIT trackball USB ( with the wheel: Super useful easing the work flow! )
1x Stereo Headphone Amp inside the chassis with Volume control and Neutrik 6.35mm Jack
1x 4way main UK inside accommodating PSUs and UK lead to power everything at once.
at the rear there are POWERCON NEUTRIK IN/OUT , 2x NEUTRIK XLR IN, 1x USB B Neutrik and 2 calibrated spare holes
it is currently powered with 230-240 VAC. it will come with a UK Powercon lead but you will need to change to EU if necessary. or redesign few things to accommodate 110 120 VAC.
1x Custom handmade thick and foamy fitted cover.
1x Pelican Plastic PRO case fitting the controller on Option/ Not included in the price.