View Full Version : Appsys ADAT Extenders

10-23-2016, 06:57 PM

I am selling my Appsys extenders. These units are new.

Model: ADX-32B
Quantity: 2
For more information, see here: http://appsys.ch/en/products/extenders/adx-32b-adx-64b-pro
Notes: These units have the added DMX option. The developer was kind enough to provide a custom setup which allows the use of LAN A for 32 Channels and LAN B for 24 Channels plus 1 DMX channel. Normally you lose one ADAT channel for the DMX, but in this present configuration there is a choice if required.

Also included is one 50ft BRTB Shielded Cat5E EtherCon cable, Model: AXRJ45S-50

Price $850.00