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Mike Roam
12-22-2016, 06:07 PM
252025202521252225232524email jrussell37@aus n.rr.com for larger picturesDescrip on listed with original purchase price simply to show value new.
SAC rig consists of a Core2Duo system, 8 gig of ram running on Windows XP 64.
The Case and motherboard are milspec and the computer was built to withstand vibra ons andgeneral abuse. It***8217;s been fully op mized for SSD and tweaked with all available documenta on.
It has a removable SSD drive slot and a 30g SSD drive running windows and SAC.
Includes upgraded SAC (4.2) ($500), Reverb ($100), levelizer ($100), and frequency analyzer($100).and midiworkshop ($200).
We have a RME 32 channel RayDat (~$899) card in SAC and another full system with a 24 channelRME 9652 (~$400)( We only have 1 SAC license).
The SAC system also has the 100 volt stepdown converter for the 4 Behringer ADA8000 ($200each).
Furman Power Condi oner (AR-1215 $527)
It includes about $250 dollars worth of wiring and harnesses-> 32 in, 32out.
The monitor has an integrated keyboard and mouse.
Shockmount rack case with 2-sided rails ($350)
To purchase please contact: Complete system cost:

Jimmy Russell512-947-2263

Note: I am listing this for a friend...Mike Roam