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  1. Problem with the Shade in the preferences files.

    I will upload a video.
  2. live


    In short, "No!"

    However, I have written two scripts, 1) one for disabling [LIVE] mode, and 2) one for enabling [LIVE] mode.

    Such scripts are particularly handy if you are employing Bob's suggestion - as stated in the Manual, Startup Command Line Options, page 34, "SAC accepts an .mxs filename on the command line when starting up. This will run the program and automatically load the Mix Session file. The Live engine light will flash letting
  3. SAW64 Recorded corrupted WAV files from SAC-Link

    Quote Originally Posted by Bob L View Post
    Try using the "Open Soundfile and Fix Header" option in the File menu... you would do this for each track in the corrupted group of files... and see if it fixes the corrupted headers.

    Bob L
    Thanks. Sadly, this didn't work. It said it fixed the header, but then immediately said the file was an incompatible format.
  4. Moving Output closer to tracks being used.

    I noticed in SAC that if you go to your Outputs and hit shift and left mouse button that you may move the output wherever. I attempted this in SAW with no results. Is there a way to do this in SAW, I've been reading, watching videos, searching for hours? Thanks
  5. Learn SawStudio

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    Learn SawStudio is your number one place on the internet to learn SawStudio and Midi WorkShop. We have the best video tutorials, tips and tricks for this amazing lighting fast stable DAW and its all free. Stay tuned to our Blog right here on the SawStudio Forum.

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    Coming in Apirl we will be posting some great tutorials all done on our Retro Build, why and what is the Retro Build? The Retro Build is a PC built around

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    Retro Build