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  1. the Andiamo.MCs are amazing!! very fast and clean (ala grace) i keep the DO Tech remote app open on my host machine and remote gain from there (stage) using remote desktop from my tablet to the host is slow and not reliable. i am trying to get jan over at DO Tech to make a remote version but it looks unlikely. the best part is the form factor 64i/o, with pres in 4U!!! the wost part is the price $18k
  2. Hi, Damon.
    I've seen you have worked with artists like SkidRow,Steve Vai,Satriani, Malmsteen, Hillary Duff, Greg Allman,Third Eye Blind,Dido... Wow, RESPECT!
    Hats off!!!!

    I've seen you have 2 Direct Out Technologies Andiamo.MC units.
    Wondered if you could give an info on how the preamps are on these units and how you controll the pres inside sac

    All the Best!
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