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  1. Hello, Dave...

    Kodak software did the trick. Thanks for the advice. I'm marginally smarter now.


  2. Dan -- one other idea is to check the MOV file's attributes (right-click/properties) and clear any attribute check marks that may appear to hamper your efforts. Like, maybe, 'hidden'? Just guessing, here.
  3. Hi Dan,

    What do you mean by " won't copy & paste to my video machine (or the audio machine..."? Are you trying to copy the MOV over the network to a different hard drive? Or are you trying to open it from within the video program?

    What exactly are you trying to do?

    If your camera is appearing in Windows Explorer as a drive, you should be able to copy/paste it to any other drive on the network that you have access to. Check access permissions (if it works for JPG's, you should be fine). Drag 'n' drop should work, too. Are you saying this stuff isn't working?

    You could also try taking the memory stick out of the camera and putting it into a card reader to see if you get different results.

    If you don't have a card reader, you could also use the camera's native program to download images to a hard drive, then try the copy/paste again from there.
  4. Dave...
    A client has brought in a Kodak EasyShare Z740 digital camera that has a short video on it. I can go into Explorer & see the .mov file on the camera but it won't copy & paste to my video machine (or the audio machine either). All the bazillion .jpgs on the camera behave normally. What do I not know?

    Dan Hauck
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