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Learn SawStudio is your number one place on the internet to learn SawStudio and Midi WorkShop. We have the best video tutorials, tips and tricks for this amazing lighting fast stable DAW and its all free. Stay tuned to our Blog right here on the SawStudio Forum.

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Coming in Apirl we will be posting some great tutorials all done on our Retro Build, why and what is the Retro Build? The Retro Build is a PC built around a P4 3.60 Intel 661 cpu with 4GB of lightning fast DDR2 ram as it was back then and the reason we made it and will be making tutorials using it is to prove a point, you do not need to constantly upgrade your hardware when using SawStudio/Midi Workshop. SawStudio unlike all other DAW's works in XP+ and that means other DAW does this.

Subscribe to our Blog here, stop by our site, Like us on FaceBook.... we are Learn SawStudio and it's all free!

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Retro Build


  1. studio-c's Avatar
    In case anyone hasn't seen them, Micro's tutorials are really wonderful. There's nothing like getting dragged through EVERY menu item and function to make you realize you've missed something. I picked up a lot, especially with the Midi stuff, which had totally baffled me before.

  2. Microstudio's Avatar
    Thanks what a long time ago they were made and now all free! Many more coming along with my new shades and all will be done on the Retro Build. I am typing all this on from the Retro Build as I got my new Wireless USB Adapter installed on it today and guess what it came with XP drivers and bam downloaded Chrome and here I am.

    The new saying in my world is "The hell with upgrades I am going Retro!"