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In short, "No!"

However, I have written two scripts, 1) one for disabling [LIVE] mode, and 2) one for enabling [LIVE] mode.

Such scripts are particularly handy if you are employing Bob's suggestion - as stated in the Manual, Startup Command Line Options, page 34, "SAC accepts an .mxs filename on the command line when starting up. This will run the program and automatically load the Mix Session file. The Live engine light will flash letting you know the mixer is ready to go. Check your levels and connections and then start the Live engine by [Right-Clicking] on the Live Light in the top left corner of the Main Window Client Y zone".

Then..."Example: C:\SAC\SAC.exe D:\Mix-Sessions\Test\Test.mxs"

Please note: That you could simply launch SAC:

Here is my sample AutoIt! script:

; -----------------------------------------------
#include <AutoItConstants.au3>
; -----------------------------------------------
Local $_app="C:\SAC\SAC64.exe"
; -----------------------------------------------
MouseClick($MOUSE_CLICK_LEFT, 27, 56, 1, 0)
; -----------------------------------------------

What the script does...t
he script...
1) Launches SAC
2) Pauses for 1/2 second
3) Positions the mouse over the [LIVE] mode button
4) Invokes a left click operation
Note: To invoke a right click, I update the line to -
MouseClick($MOUSE_CLICK_RIGHT, 27, 56, 1, 0)
* Lastly, the above script can then be complied to an .exe for use in the system - if desired.
* I also have two
scripts as noted, simply to enable or to disable t[LIVE] mode.

Pretty slick!

PS: If interested, let me know.
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