Tommy McLoughlin

Moving Output closer to tracks being used.

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I noticed in SAC that if you go to your Outputs and hit shift and left mouse button that you may move the output wherever. I attempted this in SAW with no results. Is there a way to do this in SAW, I've been reading, watching videos, searching for hours? Thanks
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  1. Philippe M's Avatar
    In SAWStudio, on the MultiTrack, you just have to click on Shift and while remaining clicked on it, left click on the track's number you'd like to move.
    You can now release the Shift key, move your track and place it wherever you want.
    Release the left mouse button: work is done!
  2. Bob L's Avatar
    It works the same way, but in the MultiTrack View.

    SAW is about the MultiTrack... SAC is about the mixers.

    Bob L