Build a Retro PC cheap

  1. Microstudio
    One thing I really hate about technology is that companies have to keep reinventing things to keep the money coming in and in doing so it can really be a pain in the behind to keep your Studio running. With that said I think one of great things about SawStudio & MWS is that they both will run on XP or Win8 which allows us to build DAW Machines with old cheap technology and still have a great DAW Machine.

    I have started to buy the hardware to make a new DAW Machine based around the Intel Cedar Hill 661 3.6GHZ Single Core Cpu which in 2014 will run SAW/MWS very well. So far I have the CPU, Ram and Motherboard and have only spent $115. I got 4 of the CPU's for $31 and can sell 2 of them back to save a little money.

    Motherboard: Intel DQ965GF - Used
    CPU: Intel Cedar Hill 661 - Used
    RAM: Patriot DDR2 PC2-6400 4GB - New

    As I get more things I will keep up dating this Discussion.
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