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  1. Re: Sound card or interface recommendation?

    I would watch with the Lynx right now. I've been using the Aurora(n)Thunderbolt and went through a lot to get this to work, but it can be buggy. I had a Lynx AES16e which was also buggy.
    I'd stick...
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    Unable to play mix in Soundfile

    I processed a mix down and my mix comes up in the soundfile, but will not play, I get A ASIO Driver Reset In Progress and then it will automatically play in my multitrack. This is with SS64bit and...
  3. Soundfile ASIO Driver Reset In Progress????

    I'm running SS64e in Windows 10 using a Lynx AES16e Card. I process a Mix and that works fine ,but when I try to play back my mix in the soundfile I get: ASIO Driver Reset In Progress and then it...
  4. Re: SAWStudio (and Plugins) 64 Bit Bug Reports!

    I uninstalled everything last night and downloaded your latest update and reinstalled everything, so far, so good. If it happens again, I will let you know. Thank you so much for your support.

  5. Re: SAWStudio (and Plugins) 64 Bit Bug Reports!

    The Levelizer freezes after process/mixdown performed. It's on the output 01 and in post fader. I performed a mix down of selected audio with the Levelizer bypassed and when I try to unbypass the...
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    Reverb for SAW

    I'm pretty much old school with SAW and like what Bob has provided without using other plugins, however until Bob finishes his reverb does anyone know of a reverb plugin that will work with the 64...
  7. Re: SAWStudio (and Plugins) 64 Bit Bug Reports!

    Is there a Studio Reverb64?
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    What happened to SAC?

    I've been a SAW user on and off for years and last year sold my SAC system because of band drama. I'm in a new band and considering plunging back to SAC and there's no website, trials, purchase...
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  10. Moving Output Track in the Mixer Window

    I noticed in SAC that if you go to your Outputs and hit shift and left mouse button that you may move the output wherever. I attempted this in SAW with no results. Is there a way to do this in SAW,...
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    Playback error !!!

    If anyone can help.. I've been getting a error on playback only.. I recorded a session last night for 1:45 straight flawlessly and when I went to playback the material I get a message that...
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    Re: Creating A Click Track

    Thank you all so much. been sick with the flu or a cold from hell that knocked me out for 3 days, I will try all the recommendations. Thanks again:)
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    Creating A Click Track

    I am trying to create a click track within SS and hit a wall that I just can't seem to get through. I had downloaded the SS Videos and watched how to make a click track. I will start from...
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