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    Default combining Digi9652 and HDSP9652

    hello all
    I have 1 HDSP9652 at the moment and works fine
    now I can get a Digi9652 for cheap,
    so question is:
    can I combine these two, so I can expand my channels to 48i/o
    and will this run stable?
    at this moment my HDSP9652 runs stable on 2x64
    when I ad a Digi9652 will this be the same?
    or will i get more latency?
    if it is possible, can I ad another Digi9652 to this?
    so a total of 3 cards.


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    You can't combine them to run at the same time within SAC as the DIGI and HDSP cards uses different drivers.

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    Default Re: combining Digi9652 and HDSP9652

    thanks for quick answer
    so I will look for another HDSP9652


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