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    Default Freeware and donateware plugins

    SSL Gcomp Clone - Watch it in action:

    ElectriQ - Parametric linear phase eq with ECO mod.Good for salving misteries :-) but for 99 you can get a more precize version + it worth???

    Optron 3A - My favorite!!!a greath LA3A style leveling amp,I use it for vocals that are too hars,sibilant or wowly-dynamicly uneven...Reduces highs freq.but levels out some fatally dynamic signals Voc,Acc,Snare...

    Dominion - transient tdesigner with lots of parameters!
    Use it for snapping sound or the oposite...

    G8 - great gate with sidech.function ...Somethimes I use it like an FX,with fastest attack to gain punch on kick and snare.Besause it pops on fast attack 0.001ms it almoust sounds like if trigger would've been added to the kick...

    Audication Compressor AC1 - a PRO FET type of compressor with ultrafast attack and release...a MUST

    FL4TT3RY 2 - A great and simple BUS compressor I like to use... and it's free :-).
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    Default Re: Freeware and donateware plugins

    A multiband compressor that is the big brother of FL4TT3RY 2...Not so nice looking like Waves but does the job.

    Great Phoenixinflight plugin that is base upon API560 GEQ,great for Kick,Snare,Guitars...It's a very handy EQ,the freq points are based upon the most common used freaq ranges for EQ-ing.

    A mester EQ from Variety Of Sound called BAXTER,that can do really great stuff.Nice hi and lo freq responce and it can works in MS-mode.I use it for HP/LP plus a eventual compensation if needed.
    A nice Kjaerhus plug...a reverb that is I use for guitars and Kick to add lowwwww freq and Stereo field...I use it with smalll size,max dump,max early refl...but,it's good for anything alse too...

    KarmaFX 31band GEQ freeeeeeee!!! A great and usefull plug!!!!!!!

    A KarmaFX reverb...never get enough of reverbs...
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    Default Re: Freeware and donateware plugins

    Lil'Plug - a tube enhancer adds HUGHE BASSS and nice top and a REAL!!!! tube caracter that is great for basketball FLAP type of kick drum sound.Let's say ...DREAM THEATER kick drum.Be can be FATAL!!!!

    The BEST free limiter on the planet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The mama and the papa of all GRAPHIC LinPhaseEQ's...Has 2 dll's,a Mastering and simple version.The Mastering version is like WTF???!!! but I recomend only 1 instance

    Add some fatnes and dirth and tubish sound to the plain line signal...Like it on BASgui,Vox,Snare,Kick...

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    Default Re: Freeware and donateware plugins

    Ronald Passion Bass Preamp
    Mokafix NoAMP
    Two great bas preamp plugz.Great for DI bas.

    TubeBooster - a nice and simple tube eq with TUBE parameters.Good for adding sizling HiFreq,shaping sound and adding color-texture.Bas,Snare,OH...whatever you feel right
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    You've personally tested all of these with SAC?

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    Default Re: Freeware and donateware plugins

    Great Reverb for vox

    Anwida DXrevLight - Nice rev.

    Sansamp clone...good for basgui or DI strat

    Seven Phases Spectrum Analyzer

    Delay that can do all the work...

    Great delay with a TAP button

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    Default Re: Freeware and donateware plugins

    LA2A clone ModernPlugins The Lost Angel Vocals,Master,Accgui...

    Maybe not 100% accurate uad 1176SE clone but kicks ass!

    Distressor Clone...Great for Snare and Vocals!!!

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    Default Re: Freeware and donateware plugins

    Neve 1073 channel strip clone

    A great channel strip!!!!!!! I use it alot!

    Another LA2A and LA3A clone...

    Thats for now..
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    I already knew some of these plugins, but I never saw this Sansamp clone before. I just threw it on a live recording and it sounds almost like the real deal. Very low on cpu too. Thanks a ton for sharing - this will beef up boring Bass Di sounds...awesome find!

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    Default Re: Freeware and donateware plugins

    All of them work and sound great...
    It's not hard to get used to these's a question of routine.
    The GEQ is a must,a LA2A also...Multiband can be handy and the TAP delay is actually a standard...Analyzer is a must...Gate comes handy when you use Bob's compressor as a deesser....1176 is a great thing to have :-) Reverbs are allways welcome...and EQ sound do sound different
    Anyway...these plugs does not replace Bob's...these are more CPU intensive but they get handy when you're aiming to something different.

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