Here is a list of guidelines to follow for posting on all of these forums:

* These forums are setup to promote positive and useful information for learning and using the SAWStudio and SAC product lines.

* Postings displaying disrespect, sarcastic remarks and/or condescending attitude toward myself or other users will not be tolerated and will be deleted. Users who continue to ignore this guideline will be deleted as well.

* Feature requests should not be discussed in the public forums and instead should be sent in private emails to any of the support email addresses... I will consider all suggestions that are presented in a respectful way. There are no guarentees that the features will end up in the code, or how soon they may appear.

* Bug reports should be presented respectfully without sarcastic attitude or accusations. Please include a step by step guide to duplicating the problem. If the problem can be duplicated, it can usually be fixed quickly.

* Remember the age old suggestion... "If you have nothing positive to say, don't say anything."

* Whining, complaining, moaning, etc... will not be tolerated. This is a place for people who like what I am creating. Those who feel otherwise can please silently go elsewhere. This is a place to help others get the most out of my products and to give them useful tips about using them as they are currently designed.

* I expect mature and professional behaviour at all times, and will tolerate nothing less! Play nice!

* When registering to post messages here, please use a reasonably real looking name... preferably your real name, or first name last initial, or first initial last name, or a business name, etc... names like cahxfr2342 will be rejected as spam.

Happy Foruming!

Bob L