Here is a new update with some fixes and a new feature.

Bob L

Version 1.8 Enhancements And Bug Fixes


* Added a new menu item to the Track Properties popup menu called Pre-Allocate Record Buffer. This option can be used to pre-allocate a large record buffer on a midi track to help overall system performance and stability for live linked recordings with SAC. This eliminates the constant need to increase record buffer sizes live during the record process as more space is needed. The constant resizing can put a strain on the system as memory is constantly being allocated and re-allocated. The number of max entries for the play buffer and record buffer are now displayed in the lower right corner of the track label. The play buffer size is normally displayed and the record buffer size displays when the track is armed for record.

Bug Fixes

* When SAWStudio was in Realtime Priority mode, certain system configurations could cause the left or right click (as opposed to hold) feature for certain command functions to fail. This code fixes that issue.

* Fixed code to stop screen display corruption while dragging notes in Live Mode.

* Fixed code to allow very large midi files to import properly without crashing.

* Fixed code changes to help eliminate stuck notes which could happen under certain conditions while recording.

* Fixed code to properly trigger armed midi record from the SAWStudio Remote Record transport when REC is pressed by itself without SRP.