Here is a new update with a major fix.

Bob L


Bug Fixes
* Fixed code to allow proper parameter chasing across monitor mixers in SAC and keep each plugin patch from interfering with another on a different mixer. When opening previous version sessions that include the Reverb Plugin, chase to each chan that has the plugin patched and double-click the patch in the listbox to open the window, this will properly initialize the variables needed to fix the chase issue. When patching the reverb in on fresh sessions, it will automatically initialize the variables with no further action needed and save these settings with the new session save. Chasing between channels that have the plugin patched will keep the window open and change to the proper parameter set. When chasing to channels without the plugin patched, the window will close. You will need to open the plugin again to make adjustments by chasing to a patched channel and double-clicking the patch in the patch listbox. This insures that each patch will maintain its proper settings. The default F2 workspace view (or similar) with the patch windows visible make this a simple task.