Some more additions and some fixes.

Free to all 4.0 and higher registered users.

Bob L

Version 4.2
* Adjusted the Touch Mixer View section popups to follow the touch position and respect the dual monitor configuration option setting to eliminate splitting the section view across screen boundaries. Both monitors need to be set to the same resolution for proper operation.

* Added the use of a Right-Mouse-Click or Right-Touch-Gesture to close any of the Touch Mixer View Section popups. Possibly easier when using touch than navigating to the Close Button.

* Enhanced the 3M Muilttouch Flick gesture to ignore the first touch if a flick is detected. The Right Click gesture has also been enhanced to recognize the actual click position as the first finger down. This allows you to target controls and screen zones with this gesture as easily as a single touch function.

* Adjusted the popup Exploded Mixer view to follow the mouse position and respect a vertical dual monitor configuration option setting and size itself to fit on only one monitor. Both monitors need to be set to the same resolution for proper operation.

* Modified code to remove meter display flashing and smooth out meter display resets during hot chan changes and improve display update performance.

* Added three new MCU Pro midi templates that eliminate the meters for faster and more stable performance.

Bug Fixes
* Fixed code that could cause latch data corruption when adjusting input source values under certain conditions.

* Fixed code to properly clear Touch Mixer meters when the engine is stopped under all conditions.

* Adjusted code to keep host TCP/IP master mode active when the last remotes are shutdown or disconnected. Also fixed possible interactions between the regular remote network protocol and the IOIH network protocol.