A few enhancements and fixes to add to the SAC adventure. Free to all 4.0 and above registered users.


Bob L

Version 4.3
* Modified the small and large Touch Panel Keyboard zone to now run your favorite On-Screen Keyboard application. Simply place a shortcut to your favorite On Screen Keyboard program in the SAC main folder and name it "osk".

* Touch Panel Shift and Ctrl Flags are now cleared automatically when entering mixer labels.

* F-Key StartChan and HotChan properties now store and recall physical channels instead of virtual channels. This eliminates issues of channel re-ordering affecting the stored F-Key channel information and maintains the recall back to the original channel no matter how the mixer is re-ordered after the F-Keys are created. Any previous F-Keys using those options should be re-created and saved after installing this update.

* Added code to keep Helpfile ontop and keep from loading multiple instances.

Bug Fixes
* Fixed code to allow the MonF Mixer view to properly display Mute Thru Latches from a scene recall.

* Fixed code that could cause SAC to crash under certain SACLink conditions when the link was disabled and record was initiated in SAWStudio.