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    Default sac 43 manual and XP stability

    Hi all, its been along time since ive posted.

    Is the newest 4.3 most stable on XP platforms or something newer? I am still running 3.1 on my XP machine and would like to know the most stable operating system that this runs on. Also.. was there ever a manual released for this? If so, can someone send it to me? I am also looking for a copy of the 3.1 remote as my laptop got destroyed over the winter and i am coming up on the new season of gigs.

    Thanks a ton -

    Eric White

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    Default Re: sac 43 manual and XP stability


    Yes, v4.3 works very, very well with Windows XP.

    The User Manual is available as on-line help - as is v3.1.

    For the PDF version, you will need to contact Bob - or, send me an email and I get send it to you.

    Hope this helps?

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