Windows XP OS had a 'Stereo Mix', in the Windows mixer panel, later Windows OS's seems to have dropped it. But if your computer uses a Realtek sound card, Realtek drivers include this option as an input. If your using Win 7, right click on the speaker icon and select 'Recording Devices', if you have this option, you will see it. Not all sound cards give you this option. If you have a 'Stereo Mix' option, SAW can use it as an input and you can record any sound playing through windows.

In the event that you don't have a 'Stereo Mix' option, you can download a great free program called Audacity...very easy to use. With Audacity you can access a Windows low level driver called WASAPI. Not all audio programs can access WASAPI, SAW can't but maybe BOB can include it in future versions of SAW...."hint, hint". I use Audacity on my laptop to record sounds off the Web, and you don't need any specific sound card or any loopback configuration.

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