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    Default Re: Studio Levelizer versus Existing Channel Dynamics

    Quote Originally Posted by UpTilDawn View Post
    Checking the Levelizer manual, which states:
    The famous SAWStudio Peak Limit / Normalize algorithm functions LIVE in the SAWStudio
    environment, without the need for a data pre-scan. An incredible time saver for an incredibly
    powerful mastering tool. Both settings can also be visibly displayed against any SoundFile in the
    SAWStudio SoundFile View. These two functions cannot operate in SAC, because they alter buffer
    sizes which is not allowed in a live streaming input data environment such as SAC.

    So, no - can't use the normalize function in SAC.
    Either that, or I know something Bob doesn't. Okay, okay. Nevermind.

    Truth is I thought I remembered reading that somewhere, but then reasoned my way into denial of my memory, it seems.
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