Right around the time SawStudio got its low-latency engine, I was working on sound for a community theater musical production that was in rehearsal. I was already into using SawStudio to record such shows. I thought, why not try it for live mix? I did, and it worked so well that a week before showtime we decided to stick with it. The clarity of the mix was like having just wiped the dirt of the glass to see better. It was because of that experience that I later bought SAC. I ran PA and recording for several choir concerts using the SAC/SAW combo, never wishing for anything else.

For later concerts where I only needed to record, I ran SAW alone, and the most recent iteration of my road recording system uses a laptop running (ick) Windows 10. It worked as I needed, but I still wish I could downgrade the computer to Win7 pro 64 (not sure all drivers are available at that level).