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    Default OT: RME Driver Update


    My, my...what a great company!

    WDM streaming driver: WDM, WDM-KS and ASIO: Version 4.18, 07/18/2017

    Get it here...

    Update 4.18, 07/18/2017
    - Inf file updated

    TotalMix FX 1.43:
    - ARC USB: re-plugging the ARC USB could cause a jump in volume

    For ARC USB:
    - Added Recall Volume (Main Out)
    - Added Play - Next File, Play - Previous File (DURec UFX+/UFX II)

    Previous changes in TotalMix FX 1.42:
    - The currently loaded Channel Layout is now visible because the respective button stays lit
    - Extended OSC commands as described in this thread, post 6:

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    Default Re: OT: RME Driver Update

    Wow. Looks like my antique Digiface HDSP (PCI and CardBus) has new drivers!
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