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    Unhappy MouseOver Directory of Files Causes File Explorer Crash - Weird!

    I'm trying to ressurect some old mixes (2004) and I dug up an old DVD and tried to copy the SAW folder with my Windows10 PC. No luck! It would just freeze. So, I went to my Windows7 pc, success! I can open the session on the Windows7 PC but if I copy the folder over to my
    Windows10 PC, even just opening the folder in FileExplorer will cause a crash--actually, it's the mouseover that does it. If I clear the mouse from the FileExplorer box it will not crash. Then when I allow the mouse to hoover over the open explorer box, crash!

    Furthermore, if i try and load the EDL into SAW I get the usual 'find files' message, click on a folder to find the files and boom, explorer goes down!

    I would prefer to mix on my Win10 PC as it's fully loaded with all my plugins. Can anyone figure this one out?

    It's like the folder is poison. It does contain 20bit files but that can't be it right?

    The computer is fine otherwise. I can run ProTools,AbletonLive,SAWStudio all with big sessions, no problem.

    I tried Blending the session, no luck.
    I tried copying the files to another location, different hard drive, no luck, same explorer crashes.
    I tried Shellexview, disable all the Context shells, no luck.

    This isn't a BSOD crash, just File Explorer going down.

    Other file windows with audio files do not cause the crash...head scratcher!
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    Default Re: MouseOver Directory of Files Causes File Explorer Crash - Weird!

    One possible and relatively simple solution, since you can open this fine on your Win7 pc, might be to open the session there and do an Extract Session from the File Menu into a new folder. Maybe even give it a new name. By doing so, you would be rebuilding all the regions, which could eliminate any possible corruption in that respect. You would still maintain all your session settings, track order, plug-ins, etc. I think you might want to be sure to set your Build Mix SampleRate Conversion Quality to a high setting (in the Build Mix Menu) and make your session Resolution and Sample Rates for whatever you prefer.
    It's been awhile since I did an Export Session, but I think it would rebuild those 20bit files and make them whatever your session setting is... Correct me if I'm wrong, please.

    At least it shouldn't take a long time to do, it would clean up your session some and hopefully catch whatever snag is plaguing your Win10 setup.
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    Default Re: MouseOver Directory of Files Causes File Explorer Crash - Weird!


    As weird as this may sound, I have had similar issues to this when copying data files from a previous system to a system with WIN10.

    What I did to resolve the issue was to copy the data to a FAT32 drive to remove any file permissions and such.

    Then when I copied the data to the WIN10 system - all was well.

    You might want to give this a try.

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    Default Re: MouseOver Directory of Files Causes File Explorer Crash - Weird!

    Tried EXTRACT and TRIM with no luck. The folder I placed on the Desktop of the Win10 PC will close with a mouseover..

    Will try the FAT32 thing..sounds promising.

    Can't quite figure this out: the drive is too big, can't partition a thumb drive, FAT32 is proving hard to do. Maybe I need to get some other drive? Is exFAT OK for this use?
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