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    Default Behringer x-touch extender

    For those that might be interested. I just picked up a Behringer x-touch extender, they are showing up on eBay for under $300.

    I wasn't 100 percent sure it would work, but it supports Mackie Control and HUI control among others.

    Anyway, it arrived today. Took about 15 minutes to get it configured properly, mostly just trying different control templates.

    The Mackie MCUEx_8ch template works perfect.

    Faders, channel select, mute, solo and Pan with scribble strips.

    I have the x-touch connected via USB.

    There is support for RTP midi which would let me connect the x-touch with an ethernet cable.

    Since SAC really doesn't like to have the controller removed when its running I'm definitely going to see if I can get the RTP midi configuration working.

    I'll also probably dedicate my netbook remote as the control cpu for the x-touch. Its already configured for wireless but also can connect with ethernet.
    Philip G.

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    Default Re: Behringer x-touch extender

    I've got my x-touch extenter some weeks ago and used it for my lightning software. Works real fine. Checked it yesterday with the SAC remote on my office pc, seems to work perfektly.
    Currently I'm running a x-touch via network on my SAC system, and on Friday I'll try to get both devices working over network.


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    How do you connect the X-Touch to control SAC over ethernet?

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    Default Re: Behringer x-touch extender

    • rtp-midi runs on my SAC 'Server' (no need to install Bonjour)
    • x-touch is configured as slave using fixed ip
    • you need to create a configuration in rtp-midi software (can't remember exactly, because I did it last year, but works without any problem until now, so I can not remember exactly :-)
    • In SAC the configuration will show up as a midi device.


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    Arrow Re: Behringer x-touch extender

    now everything is working fine (16 Channels via Ethernet)
    1. Install midiRtp software on the SAC computer, you might skip the 'Bonjour' installation
    2. Run midiRtp
      1. create a session (On upper left press + )
      2. On the upper right rename the session
      3. activate the session
      4. check 'everybody can join' on lower left

    3. Start Remote with Select on Channel 1 pressed -> Setupmode
      1. Set Mode to MCU
      2. Set connection to Network
      3. Set type to Master
      4. Set Slave Ip ( the Ip of the SAC computer)
      5. You can either use DHCP or set your own IP (must be unique in the network but in the same subnet).

    4. Store Settings on Extention by clicking the Select Button of channel 1 again
    5. After a short scan time the x-touch should occur in the 'member list' in midiRtp
    6. Now open SAC and select your session in the Midi Setup ( It should show the name of the session in midiRtp) and configure SAC as you would do with any other midi controller.
    7. Now you're done

    Here are some hints for using more than one controller (checked it using two (one x-touch and one x-touch extender )
    • Create a session for each controller (and make sure that all are enabled) in midiRtp
      • midiRtp will assign a different port number to each session (first session is the default rtp port, which is also preset on the controller)
      • each controller must have it's own IP address (but slave IP remains the same) and the port of its session set to match with midiRt
      • In SAC assign the session to the different midi devices (first device controls the lower channels) and choose a midi - control setup which fits your channel count.
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    Default Re: Behringer x-touch extender

    Can someone please tell me if the scribble strips and the level meters work the the xTouch and the xTouch extender?

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    Default Re: Behringer x-touch extender

    the scribble strips work for me, the level meters do not.


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