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Thread: What happened to SAC?

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    Default Re: What happened to SAC?

    Great news, Bob. I'm excited to see what you come out with.

    And great to see some familiar names here in this thread. Happy New Year to you all.

    Currently using:
    T43p Thinkpad w/XP SP3 for FOH, Subs and Front Fill Mixes (20% CPU load);
    T500 Thinkpad w/Win7 SP1 for 6 Monitor Mixes (15% CPU load)
    Running at 2x32
    2 Digifaces, 1 w/CardBus, 1 w/ExpressCard
    3-Octamic-D for mic inputs - using the dual outputs to split the ADAT signal to the Digifaces;
    1-RME ADI-8 Pro for all FOH sends; 1-RME ADI-8 Pro for all Monitor sends;

  2. Default Re: What happened to SAC?

    Fantastic news about the upgrades, Bob! Thank you!

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