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Thread: What happened to SAC?

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    Personally, I am NOT expecting this to be a free upgrade...and have set aside some funds to accommodate this.

    I once had to port a 16-bit app to 32-bit and it took - well, longer than I care to admit.

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    Thanks for your hard work, Bob. I'm looking forward to the SAW upgrade, the new websites, and all the energy this all is sure to generate.
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    Very exciting!
    Lovingly signed,
    Robert Randolph

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    This will be awesome! SAW is the best!

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    In surf speak, "Gnarly Dude!".
    Thanks Bob. Your upgrade prices have always been fair. I'm savin' my sheckles.
    -Bill Corkery
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    Quote Originally Posted by Danny O View Post
    Good news indeed, for a while there I though SAW/SAC might be orphaned like the recent Cakewalk/Sonar. I wonder if the 64bit versions will be a free upgrade? I'm not sure I'll want to stop using my choice 32bit free plugins though.

    As I understand it there are bridges and wrappers that will allow you to make the move and keep any such 32-bit faves, FYI.
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    Good News!!

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    Yes. You can use:
    jBridge is an application designed for bridging VST plugins in Windows (up to the 2.4 VST specification).
    I knew it by reading threads on the forum and it works perfectly well.
    By the way, thank you very much, Bob, for all your investment!

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    Exciting news! Was sad thinking Saw Studio might vanish into the void not being able to keep up with the 64 bit world. Thank you Bob for your continued work and support.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bob L View Post
    Finishing up the 64 bit versions of SAC and SAWStudio.

    Bob L
    OMG this is so exciting! Thank you!

    And thanks again for this wonderful tool that has always been absolutely rock solid and has been the basis of my business since SAW 1.0.


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