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    Default Way...way off topic...but is it?


    As for me and my house, we do not celebrate the December festivities as do others due to our personal convictions, I thought that the following might be cute regardless...for Bob...

    It was the night before Mithra, and all through the house,
    Not a programmer was stirring, not even his mouse.
    The 64-bit code being displayed on the screen,
    Waiting for compiling so that all could be seen.

    The SAW and SAC users - all eager to go,
    Their PC-based systems, getting ready to show.
    All that Santa, whose name is but Bob,
    Working so diligently at his Assembler-coding job.

    So at this festive season we all hope that you take,
    The much need time - and for taking a break.
    Please remember that we all do appreciate all that you do.
    And wish you the best - and to say a hearty "Thank You"!

    All the best RML-ers!

    PS: I know that that this might appear to be somewhat send me a virus - or two. I just think SAC is the best...along with SAW!
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    Default Re: Way...way off topic...but is it?

    Very amusing
    Bruce Callaway
    Broken Knee Studio

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    Default Re: Way...way off topic...but is it?

    You have way toooooo much free time on your hands.... good job.

    Bob L

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