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Thread: Anyone Using A Touch Screen Monitor Now With SAC?

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    Default Anyone Using A Touch Screen Monitor Now With SAC?

    Redoing some things with my SAC / SAW Studio machine. I was thinking I would like to try a touch screen monitor with SAC since my remote tablet works well with the touch screen view.

    I've been looking at the ViewSonic 10 Point TD2740 27" monitor at newegg and was wondering if anyone is using a large touch screen now with SAC. I recall a number of years ago there was interest in a 3M touch monitor but it was rather expensive. There is also the Slate Raven MTi2 which is expensive.

    The mouse has worked well so my main concern is, would switching to a touch screen be practical?

    Checking a number of the YouTube videos on touch screen monitors, a number of people don't think so. For a larger monitor I tried a 32" Vizio TV ($189.00 At Sam's) for use as a SAC monitor. Of course it's not touch screen but I liked it.

    The ViewSonic TD2740 27" touch interface is USB. Also, it would be less money that something like the new PerSonus FaderPort 16.
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    Default Re: Anyone Using A Touch Screen Monitor Now With SAC?

    I recently bought a refurbished 3M 23" (22" are useable) monitor for SAC/SAW recording. I paid about $75 for it shipped to my door. The screen will probably be big enough for me, but I won't know until I implement it in the studio. So far it seems as though it will. I'm only getting my head around using the combination in my house at the moment.

    At first blush, I'd say I might be inclined to use touch only for mutes, solos, scene changes, and F key changes initially. The "swipe" feature works well too. I've not gotten very good at scrolling up and down... the screen "loses" my touch (or more than likely I don't do it quite right consistently). And with an F key choice with large faders, I could see me doing an occasional multi-fader move. Unfortunately, I don't think I'll do that very often since I'll be using SAC as a recording front-end to SAW, and SAW is not touch-enabled so I won't be mixing with SAC as an external board replacement.

    Again, I'm definitely in the nascent stages of this transition, so much of this may change.
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    I have just ordered a touch screen in the hope that I can do the actual mixing without using a mouse. I don't mind using a mouse for setup/system stuff, but I would love to do the actual mixing directly on the screen.
    I'll post my findings/experiences/conclusions when I get the monitor and get my fingers on it.
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    I use on of these. I think they are discontinued now. Worked pretty well but I still ended up using the mouse and the keyboard arrow keys more than the touch screen. The stand is great on this monitor. It will allow it to lay down like a regular mixer.

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