Hello again, all.

I haven't asked a question in a while, so forgive me for asking one that might seem lame to some of you. If you don't feel like answering, please resist the temptation to tell me to "look it up in the user guide" and, instead, simply ignore this post. I've just spent about twenty minutes trying to find my answer in the guide and would not be here begging if I had found it.

Can someone please just tell me where to save the settings for my buffers in SAW Basic? In all the time I have used SAW with my FocusRite Solo, I have never permanently solved the overrun/underrun errors that pop up all the time. I managed to get SAW running without errors for about a month, but now they are back. I have set my buffers to "6" both In and Out (not even sure what that all means) and I want to make sure it sticks. The "3" setting many of you suggested to eliminate some delay issues I was having just doesn't work for playback.

I know the option to lock in the buffer settings is in the File menu, but which option is it?

Thank you, and Happy New Year to all.