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    Default W52 EPROM DIGI9652

    Hi there,
    I've just ordered an eprom for my card,
    and the US guys sent me a MAC eprom, that I already have 2 of them
    Paid 60$ for the 20$ "W52 EPROM" as our people at the customs are INSANE!!!

    Anyway... anyone out there that can burn me a W52 eprom from
    an existing one??? Anyone in Germany??? I have a working one if necessary ,
    can send it to ya...and a mac one that can be rewritten, as I read that the chips
    are the same but the content written onto them are different.

    As for what I've seen on YT it's a really simple process, you just need a
    tool that costs 50$.

    Correct me of I'm wrong...


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    Default Re: W52 EPROM DIGI9652


    Why not just consider this: RME HDSP 9652 Hammerfall DSP 24/96K Digital PCI Card

    Item location: Ludwigsburg, Germany

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    Default Re: W52 EPROM DIGI9652

    Thanks for the offer,
    but I have two cards and I like them....
    the don't have any patching oprtions and so on...plain and simple!

    Ayway, just checked with a college, might copy the prom
    from the original w52 , as it is an xilins flash.

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    Default Re: W52 EPROM DIGI9652

    A little info!

    RME's support shared the W52 chip software (w52-2)
    So if you have a RME digi9652 1.5 card laying around with the M52 eprom,
    and you figured that you want to use it with SAC, but non of the eproms that
    you've tried work, then here here ya go...
    Just write your own prom/flash
    It's a xilinx flash...


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    Default Re: W52 EPROM DIGI9652

    I have one of those cards. I donít understand what you are doing with the eprom. Please explain. Is your card malfunctioning? Are you adding something?

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    Default Re: W52 EPROM DIGI9652

    My card had a M52 eprom when bought.
    And I needed a W52 so I could use the card on PC.
    Nobody sells them that was the problem.

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    Default Re: W52 EPROM DIGI9652

    Cool. Just curious. I really wish there was a 64 bit driver for it

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    Default Re: W52 EPROM DIGI9652

    Quote Originally Posted by mojogil View Post
    Cool. Just curious. I really wish there was a 64 bit driver for it
    Even the latest Windows OS accommodates 32 bit applications and drivers. A 64 bit driver for the RME card would do absolutely nothing for the sound quality or the usability of the card in present new systems. OTOH, I have found at least one 64 bit device driver that was absolute junk with Windows 10 (latest Behringer driver for use with the BCF2000). Not everything needs to be 64 bit to do a good job.
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