I receiver my first ADA 8200 today to replace the ADA 8000 converters in my SAW Studio machine, partly because of the delay issue when starting playback. I replaced the first of 4 ADA 8000 converters (channels 1 - 8) with the ADA 8200 and loaded a recording with tracks that spanned all 4 units. When I started playback I expected to hear the vocal tracks that went to the ADA 8200 start playback right away which I did.

However, I expected to still hear a delay in the tracks that went to the remaining ADA 8000 converters. There was no delay on any of the tracks. All tracks began playback as soon as I hit the space bar. I started and stopped playback a number of times with the same result.

I then removed the ADA 8200 again, reinstalled the ADA 8000 (channels 1 - 8) and loaded the same recording. With all ADA 8000 converters installed the playback delay on startup was back on all tracks.

As I understand it, the delay issue with this generation of ADA 8000 converters was the result of Behringer changing to the Cirrus Logic chip that went to sleep when playback was stopped. Perhaps it was a design decision rather than the chip itself. I don't recall but I believe that's why Bob added the dither option in SAC.

I wanted to repeat the test so I removed the same ADA 8000 (channels 1 - 8) and reinstalled the ADA 8200. I loaded the same recording, started playback and again, no delay on any of the tracks.

There is probability a simple explanation as to why this is working like this but it hasn't occurred to me yet. It seems if my only goal was to get rig of the delay when starting playback all I would have to do is just replace one of the ADA 8000 converters with an ADA 8200. Of course there are other benefits to the ADA 8200. Better preamps, power supply , ect.

Anyone else have a similar experience.
William Bushnell