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    I could have been more clear in how I described the delay in hearing audio the moment playback was started. This is an issue when using the second generation of ADA 8000 converters. Perhaps these two screen shots will help. The first image has the cursor at 11.699 seconds where playback is set to start . (The converters are asleep at this point)

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    The second image shows the cursor at 12.523 seconds and you can begin to hear audio on all tracks, about 1 second after playback is started. (The point where the converters wake up). This is a real pain when editing. When the first ADA 8000 (channels 1 - 8) is replaced with the ADA 8200 you hear audio from all converters on all tracks as soon as playback starts.

    I didn't expect that result. I thought I would only hear audio on the first 8 tracks when playback started then hear the rest of the tracks about a second later. When Bob added the dither option in SAC it provided a way to keep the converters from going to sleep. That's not an option in Saw Studio unless I'm missing something.

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    Anyway, not a big deal since I am replacing all of the ADA 8000 converters. Not hearing audio when playback starts will no longer be an issue. I just didn't expect that by replacing one of the four ADA 8000 converters the remaining three would now behave differently. Not super important, just that inquiring minds would like to know why.

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    Default Re: Interesting Observation Testing ADA 8200

    See my reply in the other forum.

    Bob L

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