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    Default Adding Video to saw (2nd post)

    i want to thank everyone that helped on my first post.
    I have a herd of questions but one at a time eh.
    Like i said in my previous post i have been using SAC/SAW in our church for about 8 years thanks to Alex Stroke holding my hand and talking away my fears conceived from all those "professionals" out there who convinced me i couldn't do what i have now been doing for the last 8 years. its been pretty simple until recently ( sac for the console, Saw for the multi-track recorder and workstation) where i have decided to utilize more abilities within the software.
    In my last post i stated i had just started using multi-tracks in our church and i ran into a problem which is now fixed
    I remember watching the video where Bob L is in Las Vegas and SAW and SAC were being used for many things(video lighting audio remote use etc).
    Since i have been using multi-tracks anyway i am thinking why not just eliminate the power point aspect of church (for the words on the screen to sing along) and make a video with the words, lay it into saw and have saw play a video instead of everyone wondering why it hasne gone to the next frame fast enough (IE power point person distracted)
    I recently started doing a song called the river and then happened across a video of the song that did exactly what i had wanted to do. So i thought i would just put that video into my multi-track and play it. Sounds simple but, i could not get that video to play in fact i have not been able to get a single video to play. Im not about to blame the software in fact in my last post i pointed out that what might take you 5 minutes could take me 5 hours. However i see how this would benefit our church greatly especially when the person that is supposed to do it doesn't show up and we have no words. Not to mention it is so much better to watch a video than just watch words on a screen. I tried converting and spent hours thinking i can figure this out but thus i cannot. So what i need is a way to bring the videos into saw to play along with the multi tracks i already have. Also i would like to make videos with words on them so if anyone has a suggestion about where i could get equipped to do that i would much appreciate it Here is a link to the video i was trying to play in saw studio. i also tried many other even shorter videos but have failed in every attempt.
    Thank you for your time
    Pastor Rob

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    Default Re: Adding Video to saw (2nd post)

    The trick is to have the proper video codecs installed that match the video format you are trying to play. The simplest is an AVI DV format video... the codec is already built into Windows... but this is limited to a 720x480 video size.

    Getting into more current formats and HD sizes requires different DirectShow codecs installed... the easiest start would be to download one of the KLite video codec paks... search the web.

    Once installed, then convert your video to an mp4 or DIVX or something similar format using any one of the many video converter programs out on the web.

    That should open perfectly in the video viewer. You can also use a second video display (extended display) to force the output over to an external projector.

    Bob L

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