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    Default Independence Day

    Hey all you Sawyers! I hope you have a Star Spangled Holiday!
    Thanks for the decades of help and fun!

    " It is one of the most beautiful compensations in life that no man can sincerely try to help another without helping himself." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

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    Default Re: Independence Day

    Same to you, Bill!
    Ian Alexander
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    Default Re: Independence Day

    Star spangled, huh?

    Does a flag raising ceremony followed by the annual pancake breakfast at my church count? I forget how many years we have been doing it. Not as a fund raiser, just people from our ward (congregation) getting together for a little patriotic fun.

    Also, I live in a neighborhood where people for some distance around seem to compete for who fires off the best fireworks from their own yard or street. There was stuff going up for hours on the night of the 4th from every direction around my house. Gave a whole new meaning to "keep your head on a swivel". No other place I ever lived did this.
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    Default Re: Independence Day

    Does a flag raising ceremony followed by the annual pancake breakfast at my church count?
    ...I would say it does!

    I must admit, as a Canadian, I am somewhat disappointed at the "seeming" lack of patriotism displayed here when compared to our US neighbours.

    A number of years ago, my family attempted a "block party" - a memo, a large cake, a flag, and all we got was 2-3 people. We never had one again.

    Also, our Canada Day events we find to be nothing more than glorified "Farmer's Markets" that occur every Saturday during the summer. No fireworks this year due to heavy rain - though these events do tend to gather large crowds.

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    I would agree that it would be good for Canadians to show a little more patriotic fervor on Canada Day. I suspect the difference is that the US had to fight a war for independence, which was not the case with Canada, which more smoothly transitioned from Colonial to Commonwealth status. By "more smoothly" I mean less blood was involved. I am glad that Canada's transition was more peaceful, but that may account for the difference in fervor.
    Cary B. Cornett
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