Good day,

As a point of interest, I sincerely believe this forum to be unique - this uniqueness due entirely at least in my opinion, to the following two factors:

1) The developer of the software and therefore, the software itself, and,
2) The individuals using this software

I also sincerely believe that most, if not all, of those who frequent this forum do so, not out of a sense of popularity for certain software applications - such as Abelton, Reaper and others, or to those who would not consider themselves as being part of a "clique" - such as those who use ProTools.
* Please understand that these comments are not to written to disparage such applications in any way whatsoever - though to some it may be construed as such.

In light of what has transpired over the last year, and in light of the upcoming 64-bit update, I have a number of suggestions that I thought might be helpful to this forum, namely,

1) To create a "sticky" that would make note of specific points that would be of tremendous assistance in ascertaining and resolving potential problems that occur from the use of RML software applications.
Note: These specific points would involve a listing of the "primary and secondary" hardware and software used and other such points to better assist those who wish to partake in any troubleshooting scenarios. "Primary" hardware ad software refer to that element privy to the "system" itself, such as the motherboard, RAM, OS, drives, and as such. I tend refer to primary hardware and software as the "core".
* As the systems used in this forum are generally designed to be used with RML software, I would consider such software as being "core" software as well.

"Secondary" hardware and software on the other hand, would refer to those elements added to the core system, such as audio cards, third-party plugins, and so on.

2) To do all that we can to keep posts from deviating from the original topic.
* Though the phrase "going south" is commonly used to refer to such situations, the definition of this phrase really does not warrant usage here - at least as far as I am concerned.

3) To make a concerted effort to check your "private messages" and to respond to them accordingly.
* This may be an entirely "personal thing" - and I am not at all too sure about any of you, but I personally tend to use private messaging a fair bit.

If these proposals seem appropriate and therefore worthwhile, to then offer suggestions that would be used to further enhance the overall uniqueness of this forum.

Thank you!