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    we are curious about something about this amazing quality sawstudio stock compresor. About Sawstudio compresor Does this compresor contain analog emulation ? and also What kind of compressor type of is this VCA-FET-OPTO-VARI-MU ?

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    Not really trying to emulate any of those types... there are plenty of that in vst plugins all over the web... this is its own algorithm that does what I was missing from all the others... transparency... the idea that you should not hear the compressor working.

    Bob L

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    I reviewed stock compresors from all daw samplitude, cubase, protools, harrison, pyramix, studio one, reaper, Dp, any but, sawstudio stock compresor is the most enormous compresor plug in my life, It's a complete coding art work and, unbeatable and once used, cannot be abandoned

    I think saw compresor is the best

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