Finally... the 64 bit program translations are available.

There is an upgrade fee for the main SAWStudio and SAC host versions, but all registered plugins will be upgraded for free when you purchase.

It has been quite a challenge with an insane number of lines of code, in all, being re-written... 32 bit to 64 bit assembly is a manual task.

So... I have started a thread for 64 bit bug reports... please keep it straight and simple, giving step by step instructions how to re-create the bugs.

I will do my best to stabilize everything as quick as possible... so far, beta testing has gone much better than expected.

Once these versions are stable, then I will consider update features.

In the meantime... enjoy your 64 bit plugins and access to huge amounts of RAM, and your new high power machines... it should be fun.

Thanks for your patience.

Bob L