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    Default Re: 64 bit SAW/SAC Successful Hardware and OS Choices

    Hah! We must have been writing at the same time, Dell. Well, as I said in my second to most recent post: 'I am intrigued'. From the mag. article (linked above) it would seem that LTSB is not exactly a single animal. And, at least one of those animals in the 2016 edition runs out of support in 2021. At that point you'd have to replace it with whatever regular W10 edition they chose to replace it. I'm not sure whether I care about that or not but it leaves open the possibility that the new version breaks SAW/SAC. Also, although it's clear that some of the fluff that comes with W10 isn't in the LTSB edition, it's still, at it's heart, the same as whatever edition of the regular W10 that it is based upon. Do you know whether one has more control over the inner workings of W10? The mag article doesn't indicate that you do (but also doesn't indicate that you don't...).

    <edit...> Oh - and I currently use a Fireface 800, which makes use of firewire, and it works very well as far as it goes on simple stuff. But when I try to do a little more in SAC, although not a lot, like track drums, two guitars, three mics, a VSTi and VST effects - when I save, SAC does weird stuff - like I get bleed over into unused channels that show up on the output and a hum I can't track down. I ultimately have to abandon my whole setup and start over - sometimes more than once. And I'm very reluctant to change anything in a working setup ever again. Is it the processor? Is it the firewire? My choice of firewire interface card? I don't know.

    When I built that machine I did not follow Bob's advice regarding processor choice and converter interface the way I did with the rock solid box I setup in 1997 on his recommendation. I have built all my computers since 1985 and spent a career as a professional programmer. I wanted something more powerful. I believed I could reliably choose superior components for this application by spec as I had chosen them for many other applications including at work. I was wrong and I don't want to make the same mistake again. By all reports, Bob's stuff works fantastic on the hardware he has recommended. But... not necessarily on some others for reasons that are not clear to me. So, although I appreciate your thoughts on hardware that you think might be good, I prefer to duplicate something that is already proven. That said - again, thank-you again for going out of your way to try to help me.
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