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    Default Re: SawStudio Lite...Updates

    Tod....I understand Bob's reasons for discontinuing SawStudioLite, and I point in continuing the version, as at least 4gigs of memory is common today, but updates will still be available.

    I personally think, one of the main reasons Bob had for putting out a 64bit versions SAW/SAC is business motivated. If the SAW/SAC product line is to continue is has to 'at least' appear to be competitive in the marketplace, even though the actual overall difference in performance between the two versions will be very little...if none at all. Only in specific situations will the 64bit version be an advantage.
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    Default Re: SawStudio Lite...Updates

    Quote Originally Posted by Todd R View Post
    Bob did say somewhere on the forum here that Lite was designed for lower spec'd computers to be able to run SAW Studio and nowadays basic computer specs are so high that there is no need to continue with Lite. So, he has decided to not "port" Lite to 64bit.

    Personally, I have a huge amount of memory on my newest machine and would like to take, Sonnox Restore DeNoiser G4 (32bit) has a bug that causes crashes and will not save settings; the Restore G5 (64bit) doesn't have this bug afaiaa. I raised the bug with Sonnox 2 years ago and they fobbed me off, telling me they "didn't have time right now".

    I love SAW Studio, particularly the best waveform height Zoom that I know of and SAW's unique automation that is pure genius IMHO. That will be enough to get me to pony up the $500. That said, I have guys who would like to learn to mix like I am doing and NONE of them are going to splash out $1000 for SAW, not to mention most of them are on Mac, so training them up on SAW is a I am currently on the fence watching the de-bugging and shade porting. I have a reasonably sized mix job ongoing and I shouldn't switch until I finish.
    Just thought I step in and make a comment. SawStudio works perfectly on a Mac with a Bootcamp partition. I used it on a Mac over the holidays to record a Christmas program. Bootcamp and Windows 7. I must say it seemed to work better than on my Windows 10 machine.

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