Here's something I've been wondering about since the advent of SAWStudio.

Contolling the position and layout of most SAWStudio windows is straightforward, and can be saved in an F-key file.

However there are a few windows that are context-determined, and therefore don't seem to be controllable. A couple of examples: the Sound File window following a BuildMix, and the library of plug-ins that displays when the 'FX' button is clicked on a Plug-In view window. These always appear at the same position, in the same size, etc.

Depending on the chosen layout, these context-driven windows seem to be pre-located, and cannot be moved around in a way that is savable.

I can't find a way to select the position I want for these windows and save it from session to session in an F-Key file. Or have I missed something?

Thanks for any ideas.