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    Default Updating Shades: 32-Bit to 64-Bit!

    Good day!

    I thought that this information required a thread of its own, so here it goes:

    First, in answer to my own question, "Can anyone answer my question regarding bitmap replacement? Can this task be accomplished globally - or does this task have to be done one-bitmap-at-a-time?" I can now tell you that this operation can be performed "globally" I have done it, and have re-done it numerous times - and all is working as it should!
    * I am just waiting to verify if this operation actually does work, to ensure that I am NOT dreaming. Will keep you all updated.

    Also, for your interest, SAC contains 257 bitmaps, and SAW contains 261 bitmaps. I have been able to update all of these bitmaps to 64-bit all-at-once!

    I have updated the following SAW shades to 64-bit:

    Brett's Simple shade
    Brett's DirectSun shade
    Haps' GreenHouse shade
    MicroStudio's ProTools shade
    PipeNite shade
    Note: This procedure can also be applied to SAC shades as well!

    What needs to be done now, is:

    1. To verify if this is actually possible - again I want to ensure that I am not actually in la-la land here.
    2. That for purchaser's of shades, that you check this out with the developer to determine if this is alright to do.
    * The developer's may want to do this themselves and to charge - or not charge, accordingly.
    * If it is okay, then send me your 32-bit shade and I will update that 32-bit shade to 64-bit.
    3. That if it is alright, if I can charge a small fee to perform this task.
    * I could really use the money for updating SAC and SAW to 64-bit.

    Anyhow, let me known what Y'all think!!...especially the developer's of the shades.
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