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    Default Update: All Midi WorskShop 64-Bit Shades!

    Good day,

    I have completed the updating all of the Midi WorkShop 32-bit shades to 64-bit.

    I am using Dropbox to upload the ZIP file.
    ZIP file: 960KB
    Total number of files: 9

    Here is the download link: [click_me]

    Note: These are all of the free Midi WorkShop 32-bits shades that I had available - minus the commercial shades and Bob' shades. As before, I would appreciate two things, 1) to let me know if you are having any issues with these updated shades, and 2) if I am missing any, that you would send these to me for updating. If there are issues or you want to send me a missing 32-bit shade, then please [email_me] rather than replying to this post. I can then provide updates and such in subsequent postings.

    Here a listing of what is contained in the ZIP file ...

    Name:  Listing.png
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Size:  11.3 KB

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    Default Re: Update: All Midi WorskShop 64-Bit Shades!

    Cool thanks!

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