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    Default SSL play buffer overrun

    Hi all,

    I periodically get "play buffer overrun..." error. I realize this may occur on a very dense mix with lots of Fx etc. But on this project I have about 20 tracks. Except for PSP L'otary and B-scanner on one track, the only Fx I have on are Studio Eq and Studio delay. So it seems to me there shouldn't be a lot of CPU pressure.

    Running Win7 Home premium
    i7 CPU 860@2.80GHz
    8GB RAM

    Out Preload buffers 6
    Out buffer size 64 samples

    Would increasing my RAM to 16GB be helpful?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Default Re: SSL play buffer overrun

    Kick the buffer size up to 128 and see if that makes a difference.
    Michael McInnis Productions

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    Default Re: SSL play buffer overrun

    You may get better performance if you change your buffer settings to 2x128 or something similar but different to 6x64.

    Other than that, buffer overruns are normally due to disk speed. Are you using any sample libraries or VSTi's?

    More memory might help IF the culprits can and will use the extra memory to cache samples/VSTi's in memory rather than call them off disk.
    You will probably need to use 64 bit SAW (and 64 bit plugs) to take advantage of any extra memory though.

    Your processor is 10 years old. Maybe time for an upgrade? If you're using a spinning disk, a defrag might help, especially if it's getting full.


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    Default Re: SSL play buffer overrun

    Also... with Win 7... make sure your desktop icon or program exe file is set to Run As Administrator... and also set SAWStudio to RealTime priority in the SAWStudio Options menu.

    Bob L

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    Default Re: SSL play buffer overrun

    Thank you everyone for your suggestions!!

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