I have the Slate Virtual Tape Machines plugin as well as the Waves J37. Both work as intended in SAW in terms of audio processing etc. However, neither one works right in terms of some of the aspects of how things are displayed. In the VTM plugin, you are supposed to be able to select whether the "reels" can be viewed or not. In SAW 64, I am not able to get the reels to show at all. Also, I only see part of the settings menu when settings is selected. On the J37 plugin, I see the "reels" as that part of the gui is not selectable but they don't turn as they are supposed to, faster for "15 ips" and slower for "71/2 ips". I realize this is just for fun and has no effect on the sound of the plugin, but why is this?? All of these features work perfectly in Soundforge 12.0.