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    Quote Originally Posted by Bob L View Post
    Carl, try using the Control Track View Cue Location option for your track locate needs... you can label the Cue Location points and include track info in the label.

    Bob L
    Excellent suggestion (I already do). It's extremely helpful in documenting a session.

    I can email you more specifics of the needs I'm talking about.
    Carl G.
    Voice Talent/Audio Producer

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    Quote Originally Posted by Carl G. View Post
    Dave, I often slide all over the multi-track quickly simply Locate marking the last two or three points needed to work with (for replace/copy/paste,etc), by simply marking those in the "Quick mark" (L1, L2, L3, L4) locations. For instance, when I find something in the timeline that needs replacing... Shift Click L1, then when I see what area I want to copy from I press Shift Click L2. Then replacing/editing is as simple as Click L1 or L2 or L3 or L4 ... back and forth - very fast. (would be even faster with suggestion below)

    I've suggested to Bob a feature that the Locate Points could be "Track Sensitive" (as well as Time Sensitive), which would great increase productivity (for me). Most of what I'm editing/replacing involves regions on different tracks at different timeline points, and having a "Track Sensitive" Locate option would allow me to quickly locate the exact time/region/track points for quickly pinpointing specific edits. This would save a lot of F-Key changes/zooming/track changing each edit.... hughe time saver.
    Hi Carl. Long time no...

    This kind of approach is great when I'm visiting a specific place in the timeline more than once. Alas...

    E.g., what I'm doing right now where the "go-to" feature is useful is when I come across problem parts in a video project I'm working on in a video editing program. I have a stereo track in that project that contains the master mix that was done in SAWStudio. When I come to a spot in this 80-minute project that needs an audio tweak, I make a note of the time code position, then jump over into SAWStudio, tap the time code numbers into the "go-to" window, hit enter, and I'm taken right to where I need to be to make the mix tweak. I can leave the zoom settings alone. And I can do this over and over and over again quickly and efficiently.
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