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    Default Powered Monitor Recommendations

    My K-RoKs have died.

    I am considering the powered route. The question (of course) is what monitors sound accurate and superb at the best price?

    Unfortunately the nearfield setup did not work with the layout of my gear (which would not be easy to move as it is kind of built into the short wall - but it all looked pretty cool when it was built) so I will have it set up more as a stereo for now. The room is about 16x24'. In a way there may be an advantage (to using the 'as a stereo' route)* - as I never really listened to a lot of albums on that rig - and the listening to familiar stuff on a setup is probably the most important aspect anyway.


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    Default Re: Powered Monitor Recommendations

    FWIW, I use Focal CMS65 powered monitors which are very good IMHO. They are well priced and I find their sound to be pretty accurate for my purposes.

    Good luck, plenty of options to choose from depending on your budget.

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    I have a pair of these and love them:

    They translate well to other playback devices.
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    Almost 20 years ago I got a new pair of the original Mackie HR824 speakers, which revealed more detail in the sound than any other speakers I had ever worked with (I never got to work with Genelecs, from which I think some of the design ideas for the Mackies were borrowed). I still use them in my home studio.

    A year or so ago I decided I needed an easily portable pair of speakers that were comfortable to listen to and not too highly colored. After a quick in-store shootout with other brands in the same price/weight class, I got the maudio BX5 "black" speakers for a bit more than a tenth of what I paid for the Mackies. I then found a case at Harbor Freight that I was able to adapt to carry them safely. A package I can carry with one hand, less than 30 pounds. I felt these had they most neutral sound I could get at the price, and while I wouldn't use them for serious mastering work, I am very comfortable using them for tracking and sequencing sessions. You can't blow your brains out with these, but you can pretty much tell what you are doing, and if you want more detail, well, that's why I also carry some decent headphones.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Richard Rupert View Post
    I have a pair of these and love them:

    They translate well to other playback devices.
    Ditto! I have these in my Studio.

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    Very happy with M-Audio BX8. They have a new version now. As long as they didn't go backwards, those should be great:
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