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    Default Re: Win 10 graphics not snappy

    Running Win10 LTSB 64 bit with latest version of SAC/SAW 64 both running/active and linked.

    1/32 buffers, SAC forced Real-time priority using a program called Lasso which makes it run as Admin (which it will not by default even if force real-time priority is set) and affinity set to CPU2

    Core i3-7100 CPU 3.9GHz with built-in video support.

    Monitor is a Dell U2515 running at 2560x1440 resolution.

    I'm not having any problems with slow f-keys in SAC or SAW
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    Default Re: Win 10 graphics not snappy

    I'm running SAW and SAC 32 and 64 on windows 10 and Fkey changes are instant. If it's slower than previous versions then I can't tell.

    I just installed SAW and SAC64 on my general purpose internet windows 10 laptop to test and fkey changes are also instant on that.

    My money is on the driver.


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    Default Re: Win 10 graphics not snappy

    Great, thanks everyone for your contributions.
    If everyone else is happy then itís just my setup, which is fine. I wasnít planning to run Windows on a Mac as the long term solution.
    Thanks again


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