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    Maybe consider an extra set of speakers used as a delay system rather than trying to make smaller boxes throw farther than they are designed. I agree with most of what has been said. The K series are nice sounding boxes and convenient but they only have a conical wave guide for all intents and purposes. That's one of the reasons they sound nice and the roll off smoothly as you move out of the pattern of the speaker. However it also means they are pretty poor for longer throws as you've discovered.

    If this is something you only need to do once in a while perhaps if the set of the performance area allows, add some additional speakers on sticks farther back in the space and time align them to the mains. That way you really only need to get the low end to travel the full distance of the venue.

    Just a suggestion.
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    I would recommend that you call someone you know that owns a pair of kf300ís, kf360ís , jf260ís or even better all three.
    If you are willing to accept cheap Chinese made class d power amps in active speakers, I recommend trying it for your older passive boxes as well. Passive speakers arenít more inconvenient if your amp rack only weighs 10lbs and sits next to your speakers.

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