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    Default Fix to latency/sync issue?

    Hey, Bob -- while you're in the code (like you're ever out of it ), how would you feel about fixing that automation sync problem we have when we automate controls that are post latency-inducing plugins? (If I understand it right.)

    Example: if I want to cherry-pick and reduce plosives or sibilances in a voice-over, I've been automating the channel strip compressor's output control, because it's before any UAD compressors I patch (whereas doing fader automation would suffer the sync issue that necessitates moving all automation downstream by the amount of the latency -- often moving it outside region boundaries).

    This has been an okay workaround, but now I've discovered that I like the channel-strip compressor's de-essing better if I place it after my patched compressor. So I've lost the ability to do the in-sync automation I had been doing.

    Of course, anytime we do need to do automation post-FX, there's no getting around the problem.

    Is this on your to-do list? Seems like kind of a major thing to me.

    I guess I should've brought this up when you were doing all the 64-bit re-writing. Sorry. Would that have made a difference?
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    Default Re: Fix to latency/sync issue?

    I have explored this issue but it has been a tough one to find a solution for... it gets very involved when multiple plugs are patched.... but I keep re-visiting this stuff and hopefully a solution will present itself.

    Bob L

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    Default Re: Fix to latency/sync issue?

    Bummer. I didn't realize it was more complex than simply adding up the total latency and doing the offset.

    Of course, if it was that simple, I suppose it would've been tackled long ago.
    Dave "it aint the heat, it's the humidity" Labrecque
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